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content development

Our Digital Marketing Team focuses on creating high quality, engaging content to ensure customers feel confident in your products. Your brand’s story is important to us and we spend extra time ensuring all content is consistent and written within your brand guidelines.

Our team is dedicated to optimizing the discoverability of your products. We understand the importance of refreshing your catalog regularly to remain competitive and boost search rankings.

• Upload advanced content, including videos, instructional PDFs, and lifestyle images

• Keyword updates to improve SEO

• Merge duplicate pages to improve customer experience

• Cross browse products to ensure they are featured in applicable categories

• Variate products where applicable to maximize relevance and exposure

• Design and build A+ detail pages to help increase sales conversion

• Setup virtual bundles to help maximize sales opportunities


Promotions and advertising

We develop and manage promotional calendars based on your budget, goals, and the current promotional activity in your product category. All promotional planning is focused towards maximizing traffic and ROI.


• Best Deal

• Lightning Deal

• Price Discount

• Promo Code

• Vendor Powered Coupon

• Subscribe & Save

• Vine

• Business Pricing

AMS (Amazon Marketing Services):

• Sponsored Product Ad

• Product Display Ad

• Headline Search Ad

data and analytics

We continuously monitor your sales and brand presence on Amazon at the item level. We provide recommendations to optimize the continued growth and profitability of your brand.

• In depth reporting and analysis

• promotional reporting

• SWOT analysis

• In person business reviews to highlight key achievements and opportunities

operations support

Our Operations Team has over a decade of experience working with Amazon and our vendors and extensive knowledge of Amazon expectations and processes.

• Coordinate Vendor Central training, both initially and ongoing

• Review account health and scorecard performance

• Help resolve pricing, chargeback, shipment, order and payment issues

Consulting services

With RPS as your full service Amazon business partner, you will have access to our extensive knowledge base. 

• Account setup and terms

• Annual negotiations

• Amazon relationship development

• New product launch strategy

• Rebranding and rolling change support

Learn how RPS can help grow your Amazon business

We will review your needs and provide a tailored consultation

Content Development
Catalog Optimization
Promotions and Advertising
Data and Analytics
Operations Support
Consulting Services
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